Computer & Software Training

Our computer labs feature the latest technology and comfortable surroundings to meet all your needs. The labs are equipped with multi-platform networked computers and fully integrated software options, complimented by over-sized screens and superior sound systems. Use our pre-installed business software, or let us install and test your specialized software and have it ready for your use upon arrival. Support staff is available onsite.


Hardware Specs

Computer Lab:

Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160, 1.80GHz
Operating System: Window Vista Business
Monitor: 17 inch Acer
Memory: 4GB, DDR2
Internal Hard drive: 160G 7200RPM SATA
Optical Drive: 8X DVD+/- RW Drive
Video Card: 512MB Dual NVIDIA Geforce 8700M GT
Internet access

Seating capacity: 14 Students + 1 Instructor computer

Computer Lab:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 3.16GHz
Operating System: Windows XP Professional, SP2
Monitor: 19 inch wide screen LCD flat panel
Memory: 3.49GB RAM
Optical Drive: 16X DVD+/-RW
Internet access

Seating capacity: 11 Students + 1 Instructor computer

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